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Print Samples

Most of the following are 1.5MB or larger files. To display, you will want to open your browser to its widest extension, or click in the frame and select the "New Window with this Frame" option. You will be able to access my homepage from the contents page for the Print Samples Gallery

    My resume/brochure

      My resume, created in QuarkXpress, is a tri-fold brochure/mailer to serve as my resume, coverletter and a sample of my print work.

    A series of book covers for D. L. Mossholder follows

      The Wayfarers cover was created using tradtional illustration. The covers for A Way of Honor and A Twisted Way were created with traditional illustration combined with 3D illustration.

    Print and photographic samples

      All the elements of this advertisement for Graphic Eduction, including the drawing of the tiger, were created in Illustrator 7.0

      This menu cover was designed for a restaurant in Fayetteville, NC (now out of business) in 1989. I used Kohinoor technical pens and green ink for the illustration of the menu. The borders and corner scrolls were created in Illustrator 4.01.

        Menu cover for The Barn

      I designed the front covers of these greeting cards in Illustrator 7.0.

        1997 Valentine's Day greeting for a card
        1998 Valentine's Day greeting card
        1999 Valentine's Day greeting card
        1999 Easter greeting card

      Using SoftImage for SGI, I created this greeting card and rendered it at 2000 pixels of the 35mm setting, using the Soft R background renderer, converted the SoftImage PIC file to a TIFF file for print output.

        Front cover of a Mother's Day greeting card

      National Museum of Women in the Arts (school project): These business materials were an assignment for a graduate-level graphic design course. I created the materials in QuarkXpress.



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